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Cards Against Humanity!

The #1 Game on Amazon

The name of the card game “Cards Against Humanity” brings up a big flag that will catch your attention.  Upfront, it is for mature audiences.  And yes it is a reference to “Crimes against Humanity” pun intended.

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Cards Against Humanity is a multiplayer party game for adults who aren’t against sexually/politically incorrect fun in the name of fun.  Created by a team of writers and creative friends who graduated from the same Chicago high school, the card game was a project for their New Year’s Eve Party a couple of years ago.

The first official release was fall of 2011 and the game sold out within three days. It stays at the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers list in Toys. On July 4th 2012, it was #1 on the Best Seller’s list and with 281 “5 Stars” of 302 reviews!

Apples to Apples

It is a card game structure like the children’s game Apples to Apples which matches nouns to a shared adjective but Cards against Humanity is played to twist sexual concepts into a humorous game.  If you love to laugh and don’t allow your morals to get in the way of fun then you will love the game. The game’s addictive at a party and the laughter is totally contagious.

The basic structure of the game is the same as Apples to Apples, but there’s much more to it. Beware if you play it with family members because of the sexual overtones. If you are in your twenties and your grandmother walks up and wants to play, be prepared to well…explain a lot!

I would recommend this game only be purchased for adults. This isn’t a PG13 version of Apples to Apples but it is for only Mature Audiences. If you play the game a lot then you will definitely want to buy the expansion pack to keep the game interesting and going.

If you need to kick start your parties, this game is hilarious and should never lose its fun. We expect it to be an Amazon best seller for years to come.  And it could be the funniest game you will ever play. If you need a dose of laughter in your life, buy Cards Against Humanity!

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